“Abandoned Lives” – A Good Ghost Story (REVIEW)

Abandoned Lives is a supernatural story surrounding a young woman moving to the country from the big city. While there are a few words missing and an instance of repetitive words it is still an enjoyable read to follow through.

The plot is a pretty traditional ghost story with some unique twist and surprises. It’s always fun to see new developments in a genre that literally never gets old. The intensity of the sexual tension and dark elements of shock are sure to seduce you into a page turning frenzy to see where the plot takes you. The element of danger is is persistent throughout the story creating great suspense.

Candace, or rather Candi is a modern New York City Girl recently coming into a wealthy inheritance. Attempting to leave a past behind filled with heart break and devastation she finds that the isolation of the woods can be far worse than she ever imagined. She is accompanied by her over protective, twin brother Cam, who is cautious and suspects anyone near his sister. The pair share a common link that allows them to share dreams and know if the other is in danger. With them is her best friend whose true feelings for her must be kept a secret at all costs and the mysterious, handsome neighbor of the country house who is not all what he claims to be.

Then there’s the small town that holds a terrible secret deep within the woods. A forbidden secret no one will tell. The story is more flavored toward women but is a great read for anyone. It is at times a brooding skip of a heartbeat and then as dark as burnt BBQ chicken legs all at the same time from one sentence to the next.

The chemistry between the characters is great and will make you want a prescription for more. The entire story dives deep into the pit of the unknown climaxing into an an ending that will do everything but satisfy you’re thirst. The end result being a compelling work that begs the question of trusting ones self and realizing the ones the ones around you who really care for you.

I highly recommend Abandoned Lives for any lover of a good ghost story or any other fan of the occult horror genre. It is a good book for adults and teenagers alike but scary enough to make them want to keep a night light on when they do. Perfect for Halloween.

RATING: 4 / 5

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