Bloody Good Horror Books is looking for horror fiction to review. If you’ve written a monstrous horror western, we want it. We don’t do vampires or zombies, but everything else goes. Be it snuff horror, splatterpunk, short stories, you name it.

While we’re at it, this is also an open call for writers to join our team. If you think you can be a good critic who uses initiative, then you’re what we want.

To submit a book for review, send an email to

Include the following:

  1. Synopsis
  2. Links to your book
  3. Epub or Mobi file only

Please do not contact us with follow-up emails. If we decide to review your book, kindly give us a two-week turnaround time. If you don’t see your review it probably means that we passed on your book.

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About Renier Palland 10 Articles
Renier Palland hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He is a published poet, a book & film reviewer, and a Survivor Superfan. The first book in his debut trilogy, War Game, was soft launched in August of 2017. The paperback is slated for an international release in early 2018. He has over a decade of professional writing experience. His work has appeared on TMZ, CNN, BuzzFeed and numerous other famous websites. Renier loves cats, reality television, and enjoys writing about the human condition. He is currently completing his PhD in Sociology at Stanford University.

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